Hellboy : A Christmas Underground


I like the opening image. It has this look to it as if someone has spent hours hand-drawing it and it sets the scene very well.



The comic book is about a house where a family lived and when the youngest and favourite child died after going insane, and walking through a graveyard a night, the family try and deal with the death of their child. However, instead they themselves find that one by one everyone is dying until there is just the mother left who is old and on her death bed.

Hellboy goes to visit the family as he wants to know if there are any bad spirits in the area as well. 



After all this we see that the woman is clearly insane and  going to end up like the rest of her family. I think the story is constructed very well as it starts off as this dark horror story and leads to a funny ending. Whether is was meant to end funny or not I don’t know but I found this to be a very intelligent way to create a xmas special comic. The artwork is very detailed and presents the story very accurately. One thing I like in particular is the shading in every image, it adds this kinda manga style to it.


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